Liikuttavat terveiset

Tullessani talousarviokokoukseen, oli pöydälle jätetty liikuttavat terveiset. Luin Oliverin terveiset salissa, maski päässä. Lisäksi PS-ryhmä luopui kokouspalkkioista säästötalkoiden nimissä.

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  1. 25.7.2016 at 06:36

    Superb iniotmarfon here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

  2. 29.9.2016 at 04:27

    Just admit it! Just pleasing! Your posting manner is charming and the way you dealt the topic with grace is valued. IÂ’m intrigued, I assume you are an expert on this subject. I am subscribing to your upcoming updates from now on.

  3. 24.10.2016 at 00:31

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  4. 24.10.2016 at 02:45

    True krazy kat…I'm holding out hope tho that guys like that and Troglaman The Guttersnipe are the first ones out in the cold when the disaster they voted for hits.

  5. 25.10.2016 at 22:17

    That’s not even 10 minutes well spent!

  6. 15.11.2016 at 05:09

    "Antisemitism in our country is growing and it would be wrong not to see it." His wife, Ann Sinclair, is also Jewish. Strauss-Kahn follows in a tradition of Jewish bosses of international financial institutions becoming embroiled in scandal… No, stop, we're really not going to go there. Not helpful to the Jews. So we won't even mention the trouble Paul Wolfowitz had at the World Bank last year."

  7. 30.12.2016 at 17:35

    “In response to VA’s discussion of PC’s roots I made the point that the Jews had as much to do with PC as White Christians did, perhaps more. And I recognized Jews as enemies.”Do you thus also recognize White Christians as enemies?

  8. 1.3.2017 at 07:13

    That kind of thinking shows you’re on top of your game

  9. 24.4.2017 at 19:35

    pienso que eso es asqueroso perdon para todos los homosexuales pero soy una chica y me gustan mucho los chicos y no pienso nunca ser homosexual para todos los homosexuales pongan en frente de ustedes un chico y una chica y averiguen quien es mas hermoso y con que sexo se quedan porque las mujeres son mas cariñosas esto es solo chicos osea varones +3¿Te ha sido útil?


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